maroon5: infectious pop

my daugher and i were watching the world music awards when maroon5 came on. behenji was suddenly transported back into the 80s longing to be a teenager again. a little billy joel, a little stevie wonder and jamiroqoi rolled into one. a funky backstreet boys? maybe. but i like them.


literary blogging: too elitist?

yesterday, mr.sochvichar (www.sochvichar.blogspot.com) said i should use my writing skills for the greatest good of the greatest number. this can also be read as :'i don't understand your poetry' and 'you use very big words.' the poem in question : i'm sir vidia's teacup!

'but i enjoy writing about literature.' i told him. 'and then what about your blog?' i counteracted. 'i mean what in the name of yahweh is 'user centric focus' and 'institutional management.' i would rather peel off wallpaper or lick stamps than read about that;)

anyway, the question of art as activism or writing as a political act has always been there. i'm of the school that writing is a political act, if for no other reason than you are capturing/reinterpreting/representing/translating an experience of some sort, real or imagined.

amardeep singh has an interesting blog (http://www.lehigh.edu/~amsp/blog.html september 11, 2004) on academic blogging.

i mean how seriously should/shouldn't we take blogging? i think it goes beyond that. for some its an online diary, for others its a veritable cyber playground for one's thoughts. i think for voyeurs of arts & letters, its license to peep through peoples windows and then introduce yourself saying, 'oh, so that's how you look naked! wanna see how i look?'

anyway, behenji is committed to the arts, and in doing so, i try to be as altruistic as possible. for now, that's my greatest good for the greatest number.


i'm sir vidia's teacup

the title of this post is inspired by the image of sir vidia at home in the wiltshires, drinking darjeeling as nadira goads him lovingly with her wit and wisdom. i think they make a wonderful couple. at least that's what comes across in this article (click on post title behenjis & bhaisahibs!).

for your reading pleasure, an exercise in excruciatingly bad rhyme (read with a whince and grimace at your own risk):

if i were sir vidia's teacup
what would i be?
white bone?

if i were sir vidia's teacup
how would i feel?
scalding ?

would i be half empty?
would i be half full?
would earl grey
get shunted
by darjeeling's pull?

would crumbs from a scone
sink to the bottom?
would brandy be added
to combat the autumn?
would nadira's lipstick
be on the rim?
would i be thrown against
the wall on a whim?

would i be relished
like a thirsty beggar?
would i be jilted
like a one night lover?
would i be knighted
sir of cups?
or used for
sugar up?

i am sir vidia's tea cup
and this is what i say:

have you had your tea today?