hark, who goes there? behenji is that you?

its been awhile and i have so many excuses...so let's not go there. but i so miss blogging. lots to write. so much flurry and activity in matters literary and otherwise. for starters behenji is acting in a play. after many years of her costumes and various persona gathering dust, behenji is brushing off her wigs and boots and coming out of the closet straight into the spotlight. shakespeare, eat your heart out. the world is a fucking beautiful stage! yes, behenji uses the 'f' word when the occasion calls for it. behenji donned the hat of playwright as well and wrote a small 10 minute play, which was recieved without sniggers.
what else, what else....my fellow bloggers have been burning the midnight oil and making my blog look like an empty shelf at a grocery store that no one wants to restock. here are some things which caught behenji's eye:

an article in the christian science monitor on ee cummings' biography . I have always loved ee cummings disregard for punctuation. in some ways he reminds me of gertrude stein except cummings focussed on meaning more than sound. his play of words is just enough so that his poems are playful and yet powerful. amardeep singh mentions him in his blog as well, along with a link to a lovely anti-war poem which i wish i had written.

speaking of bloggers, my friend Soniah, a talented writer who has a book coming out with penguin in 2005, has a blog of her own called Incidently Speaking, Soniah which is definitely an asset to the literary blog world. go visit her and tell her behenji sent you;) her mommy post rings so true for me. try writing with one little bohemian hanging from your boob and another refusing to let go of your leg. the husband ain't much help either, being two continents away. but c'est la vie, as they say in paris!

hurree babu has brought to light the term 'curry covers' in his blog with photos. how many south asian writers have sarees on the covers of their books?: apparently monica ali, rupa bajwa (but understandably so. after all her book is called 'the sari shop.'), and others too like cb divakaruni. well, i think sarees are beautiful and can represent mystery and sensuality in a woman. but it is about time that south asian writers started breaking 'far from the mango crowd,' if i may so butcher the title of Mr. Thomas Hardy's book.

have much more to say about the mango crowd but will have to wait till dinner is cooked and served