the future dictionary of america

got a kick out of the review of this book. here's an excerpt (someone should do a dictionary like this for India):

More off-kilter, if no less needed and well-imagined, are entries like Sarah Vowell's "garden for disappointed politicians," which, named after Alexander Hamilton's belief that a garden is a helpful refuge for a disappointed politician, would see the creation of a farmable plot "'outside the Beltway' -- way outside -- in Portland, Oregon."Here, failed politicians could do something "useful and contemplative," including the monthly mailing of a box of seasonal produce to "his or her frazzled former opponent," occasioning a "newfound understanding of the composting process and its metaphorical applications on Capitol Hill." (And perhaps it is these politicans who, during the less fecund growing seasons, could organize and administrate Paul Collins' "Zzzunday," a national holiday featuring 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep.)