literary doping & late night bumming around

an interesting article, but not more interesting than our after midnite special verbal buffet:
3@night and we are playing find the states on my son's LeapPad, making up names of law firms such as mishra, pandey and tiwari and talking about the dirty work of swamis. does life get any better? i hope so!

fact: did you know that before mata amritanandamayi
kisses you, your cheek is swabbed with dettol. devotees stand in a line getting their apples disinfected. hehe. and then mata showers her love on you. bacteria free. hope she swabs her lips.

i'm not even going to talk about the RNC. panditji was in NYC yesterday and managed to get a photo of arnie in front of planet hollywood, our charismatic governor who conducts business from a tent in front of the state capitol with a humidor. when i figure out how to post photos i'll
be sure to share with my audience of two.

and then there is zell 'hell' miller. what was he on? challenging chris matthews to a duel? hehehe.
i would love to see a verbal duel between the donkeys and the elephants. hell, why not a physical one? if they can get their jousting gear on properly, they'll have won half the battle.

sleep, you say? yes, i'm going...